The "silver" people among us! Who are they?

The professor Yuri P.Uliyanov has established that every third among us is a "silver".
Constitution of the silver people is programmed to use silver in immunity,
protective and vital processes, therefore they require ions of silver,
for example, in silver water - sacred water, silver utensils and silver ornaments.
The alternative medicines for silver do not exist, therefore for silver already
today traditional ways of medicimal therapy require reconsideration.


Silver-dependent persons there are among us.

Silver and its application in medicine.

Seasonal rhinitis and silver drops for a nose.

Acut rhinitis and "Silver People" among us.

Peculiarities of the therapy of the chronic ethmoiditis when treating "Silver People".


Silver-dependent persons are among us.


2016 pag. 202-203  

  Among us the discovery of the silver-dependent persons happened suddenly, in the search for more effective treatment of acute rhinitis, which causes a lot of trouble by a runny nose even in spite of the treatment, which resulted in a well-known joke, which was held around the World: "If you treat a runny nose by drops - it goes through the week, but if not treated, - runny nose passes through seven days", which refers to a widely used symptomatic treatment vasoconstrictors and the like.

Era of steroid hormones cardinal changed the problem, because anti-inflammatory properties of steroid nose drops allow to cure acute rhinitis for 2 3 days because of their pathogenetic treatment of acute inflammatory process in the nose. However, the negative properties of steroid hormones forced increasingly to replace them with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which prompted us to search for similar nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drops for a nose.

The analysis famous of nasal drops, used over the past century, such anti-inflammatory properties able to identify two of them:

1 - antihistamines nasal drops with Sol.Dimedroli that help to treat the allergic reaction caused by hyperergic inflammation;

2 - colloidal silver - sol.Collargoli 5%, which is so successfully eliminates inflammation swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose, is recommended to completely replace the vasoconstrictor nasal drops, in the treatment of rhinitis and sinusitis (L. B. Dainiak 1966, B. S. Preobrazhensky and others 1969).

As sol.Collargoli 5% and Sol.Dimedroli fundamentally different in composition, it was necessary to identify the most effective ones for the treatment of acute rhinitis. Therefore, in one half of the nose buried Sol.Dimedroli, and in the opposite half of the nose buried sol.Collargoli 5% and after 3 - 5 minutes getting completely opposite answers.

For example, if half of the nose, with Sol.Collargoli 5%, received a positive effect, with reduction of edema of the nasal mucosa, the disappearance of the discharge in the nose and improvement of nasal breathing, in the opposite half of the nose with Sol.Dimedroli, received a negative effect, with an increase of inflammatory edema of the nasal mucosa, increased of the discharge and the deterioration of nasal breathing, or Vice versa, with a positive reaction from Sol.Dimedroli in one half of the nose, on the other side of the nose received a negative reaction from Sol.Collargoli 5%.

With these tailor-made nose drops acute rhinitis could be cured for 2 3 days, which corresponds to the anti-inflammatory activity of steroid hormones and indicates the presence of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory properties as Sol.Collargoli 5% and Sol.Dimedroli, which is successfully used patients and in the subsequent decades without any negative effects.

Our many-years positive results of treatment by this method acute rhinitis and acute rhinosinusitis were recognized as inventions (Russian patents No. 2089115 and No. 2114591), as well as similar methods of treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis (Russian Patent No. 95112165).

Obviously the opposite mechanism of anti-inflammatory effects of Sol.Collargoli 5% and Sol.Dimedroli on the mucous membrane of the nose indicates the individual dependency of the immune system of these patients from silver or independent from silver.

It was found that genetic memory in dependence on silver stored in individual members of the same family, when one parent is a silver-dependent.

Among patients who are prone to Sol.Collargoli 5%, not rare meet women are particularly sensitive to the presence of silver - Amateurs wear only silver jewelry that brings them a sense of comfort, but gold jewelry cause them a sense of not comfort, which shows the dependence of these women from silver.

Such vital dependence on silver is known as nature on the example of the silkworm moth, which in the period of its development is in dire need of silver. Also known silver-dependent plants which were discovered deposits of silver ore in the times of Tsar Ivan the Terrible (16th Century)

Homeopaths have long been such a dependence on silver revealed in the form of disease designated as a " silver type of person". Such people suffer from lack of silver in the body and are successfully treated with silver, which once again confirms the real existence among us of the silver-dependent persons.

Such an individual dependence on silver note for a long time, when one person silver really helped for a week, while others are not helped and over the months, and the third silver caused negative reactions until allergic.

And this method of individual selection of anti-inflammatory drops for a nose, as recognized by the invention (Russian patent No. 2114591), actually turned into a technique for the detection of the silver-dependent persons.

Recognizing the presence among us of the silver-dependent persons makes it more understandable, why there are longtime diametrically opposed relationship to the beneficial properties of silver. Although documented on the beneficial properties of silver known since the 5th century BC (Papyr. of Ramses II - the London library).

Today it is known that high biological activity of silver in the human body is its participation in the synthesis of certain enzymes, vitamins and hormones. Thus, the presence of trace elements of silver in the human body is considered a necessary structural element especially for the brain, endocrine system and bones.

Under the influence of silver in two times increases the intensity of oxidative phosphorylation in the mitochondria of the brain and also increases the content of nucleic acids, which improves brain function.

It is established that under the influence of silver increases the amount of immunoglobulin classes A, M, G, increases the percentage of the absolute number of T-lymphocytes that is responsible for the body's immune system, and potent immunomodulatory properties of silver equate to the steroid hormones, which is confirmed by the results obtained us with the use of the Sol.Collargoli 5% in rhinology.

In dependence on silver, especially clearly identifies a group of aristocrats of antiquity, which relied especially silver, in the form of utensils and ornaments, feeling its dependence on silver, which helped them maintain health and cope with illness more successfully. Therefore, the silver in these families carefully preserved and passed down through inheritance so the children are not sick. A large amount of silver in the skin especially white women gave them a beautiful shade of blue that, as you know, was an occasion to perceive aristocrats as representatives of the "blue blood". And this is the only manifestation of excess silver in the body of the silver-dependent people, which failed to detect.

In the last century, appears information about the particular activity of large doses of silver, which allow to cure cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis, etc., and rightly so, but only for silver-dependent persons, which can stand large doses of silver.

The existence of people who are perfectly tolerate large doses of silver, acknowledged even obvious enemies of the useful properties of silver, which once again confirms the real existence among us of the silver-dependent persons.

The recognition of the existence among us of the silver-dependent persons and helps to explain the periodic outbursts of interest in the beneficial properties of silver throughout history and especially in recent centuries, for they were initiated by the silver-dependent persons. And then, gradually, interest in silver waned because of its negative manifestations most people, who were not dependent on silver.

Because the vast majority of people - more than 80% (in our data) are not dependent on silver, they, quite reasonably, strongly limit the application of silver in medicine to the lowest dose necessary structural body, for, according to their researchers, to achieve the bacteriostatic effect of the silver concentration in water needs to improve so that it becomes undrinkable. As a result, the sanitary standards of the World Health Organization, who admits the silver content in drinking water to 0.1 mg/L., in the United States to 0.05 mg/L., and Euro-Standard and in Russia of 0.01 mg/L..

Large doses of silver contains and Collargoli, proposed by the German surgeon the Benn Krede in 1897 (XII International Congress of doctors in Moscow), because Collargoli consists of 70% silver in the non-ionized state, in the form of colloidal particles of metallic silver.

And such a large dose of silver in Sol.Collargoli 5% do not interfere with the manifestation of its anti-inflammatory properties for the treatment of acute rhinitis and chronic rhinosinusitis, but only for silver-dependent persons.

But the lack of adequate treatment of the silver-dependent patients with acute rhinitis, the observations for 30 years, puts them in a group of chronic rhinosinusitis, complementing it by 40 %.

At the same time, the lack of polypous rhinosinusitis and vasomotor rhinitis, according to our 30 years of observations, thousands of silver-dependent patients indicates that certain characteristics of their immune system that makes one more attentive to the group of the silver-dependent persons.

Therefore, there is a need to recognize the presence among us of the silver-dependent persons, to provide them with more adequate treatment.


1 we should recognize that among us there is a group of the silver-dependent persons;

2 genetic memory, depending on the silver is retained by individual members of the same family, when one of the parents is silver-dependent;

3 - due to the lack of adequate treatment of acute rhinitis in silver-dependent patients they complement the group of chronic rhinosinusitis by 40 %;

4 in all cases of poor treatment of acute rhinitis with a runny nose, acute or chronic rhinosinusitis it should, with the help of this technique, figure out the possible dependence of the parents from silver;

5 further, deeper and more extended study of the silver-dependent persons in other areas of medicine.

More detailed information and references SRAS on the website http://www.airsilver.net .