The "silver" people among us! Who are they?

The professor Yuri P.Uliyanov has established that every third among us is a "silver".
Constitution of the silver people is programmed to use silver in immunity,
protective and vital processes, therefore they require ions of silver,
for example, in silver water - sacred water, silver utensils and silver ornaments.
The alternative medicines for silver do not exist, therefore for silver already
today traditional ways of medicimal therapy require reconsideration.


Silver-dependent persons are among us.

Silver and its application in medicine.

Seasonal rhinitis and silver drops for a nose.

Acut rhinitis and "Silver People" among us.

Peculiarities of the therapy of the chronic ethmoiditis when treating "Silver People".


Acut rhinitis and "Silver People" among us.

Uliyanov Y.P. Abstract (#5966) in MidWinter Meeting of ARO, Feb 20 2000, (St. Petersburg Beach, Florida) Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO)< http://www.aro.org> 
  To treat acute rhinitis caused by common cold, a test was carried out to select an individual kind of nasal drops with consideration of the features of the individual protective response of the nasal mucosa, according to the author's method (Russia's patent No 95,112,165). In the process of the test, it has been established that two kinds of nasal drops (the silver colloid solution in form of 5% sol.Collargoli and a mixture of sol.Furacilini 1:5,000 and 1% sol.Dimedroli in proportion from 1:10 to 1:1) exercise the diametrically opposed impact on the protective response of the nasal mucosa. Whereas the silver-containing drops administered in one half of the nose caused the mucosa to show a marked protective response with the mucosa being congested, the nose stuffed and the nasal discharge appearing and removing the irritating drug, the other half of the nose with the administered dimedrol-containing drops did not manifest any protective response of the mucosa, as the latter became dry, pale and sharply decreased as if through the action of the vasoconstrictor drugs. However, whereas the nasal mucosal response was favorable to the silver-containing drops in one half of the nose, the other half always showed the sharp protective response to the dimedrol-containing drops. This was confirmed through an examination of 1,000 patients aged from two months to 87 years, with the proportion of males to females being nearly equal. Later on, these patients administered successfully the selected drugs to treat acute rhinitis in 2-3 days. A favorable response to silver was found in 37% of the patients. Therefore, we have named these persons the 'silver people'.

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