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Yuri P. ULIYANOV, MD,PhD,PROF. (Doctor of Medicine, M.D.)

Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology and microsurgery of the ear.
Professor of the Moscow Medical Academy of the Sechenov's name
Member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head And Neck Surgery, and member of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO). 
Prize-winner of the Gold and three Silver medals of VDNKh USSR, inventor of Russia. 

One of an authors of the Medikal-textbook of the third millennium in the Internet, which recognized by the best
in the World.


e-mail: airsilver@yandex.ru 
Head of the ENT-Department of the Medical Centr "The 1-st Doctor" 
22, Str. Kievskaya, Moscow, Russia.  
WebSite: http://www.1doctor.ru/index.php?ch=4&id=255674533

Future AAO-HNSF Annual Meetings

San Diego, California / September 22-25
Orlando, Florida / September 21-24
New York, New York / V 19-22
Los Angeles, California / September 25-28


Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)



Yuri Petrovich Uliyanov was born in 1937 in Moscow. In 1962 he got the medical diploma (MD) of the 1-st Moscow Medical Institute of the Sachanov's name (The Moscow Medical Academy Sechenov's name ) and ibidem he was specialized in otorhinolaryngology. He continued medical education in the ENT-department of the Research Clinical Institute of the Moscow Region and later in the Moscow Research Institute of the Ear, Nose and Larynx.. In 1967 he defended a Ph.D. thesis for a degree a Doctor of medical sciences, by theme: "Stapedoplasty and stapedectomy with teflon piston" and then he received a rank of the Professor. In the same place, in 1977 he upheld a thesis for a Doctor's degree a Doctor of Medical Sciences, by theme: "Antrodranage in treatment of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media ". Then, he was a head of the ENT-departments in the Research Institute of Expertise and Rehabilitations of the Invalids and next time in the Military Ministry of USSR. From 1968 to 1970 he works as ENT-specialist in clinic of Bamako (Republic Mali) and till 2002 he worked by the professor-consultant in the Centre of Endosurgery and Lithotripsy. Today, he works by the heard of ENT-department in the Medical Centre "AGAMY". Address: 17/52, str. Soviet Army, Moscow, 127018, Russia, tel: (095) 219-9110; fax: (095) 219-9618; . Since 2004, he works by the professor at the faculty of the after of degree tutoring of the Moscow Medical Academy of the Sechenov's name. He have got more 150 scientific works, which after 1995 were published and in English and among them there are 6 reports on the XVI World Congress of the Otolaryngology and HNS in Sydney (1997), 6 reports on the XVII World Congress of the Otolaryngology in Cairo (2002), reports on the annual meetings of the American Academy Otolaryngology and HNS. He got 42 Russia patents and so, he had a rank of the Inventor of Russia. For the new and progressive developments in otolaryngology he was awarded by gold and three silver medals of the Exhibition of Achievement of National Economy USSR (VDNKh USSR). In 1997 Yuri P.Uliyanov was elected in the member of the AAO-HNS. And since 1998 he was member of Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) The main directions of the research works: Microsurgery of the middle ear with development of new prosthesises for stapes and new method of stapedioplasty with "hinged" mechanism. Minimally invasive method of surgical drainage of the antrum, which was named as "Antrodrainage" with preoperative measuring of the individual "surgical angle" of approach to the antrum and the method of "slit-like" antroatticotomy. The principal new electronic prosthesis for patients with hearing loss. New research of nasal aerodynamic with development of methods for correcting of nasal aerodynamics and new methods of septoplasty. The author's researches of protective function of the nasal mucosa have allowed to reveal, that every third patient (in Russia) is conditionally "silver" person, because, his nasal mucosa very like ions of silver and so, its help to treat acute rhinitis and chronic ethmoiditis. About my resent work.: The "SILVER" people is Silver-Dependent persons among us! And the first Problem of the Silver-Dependent people is needed in Silver-Water. The individual defence against SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is reliable by Gauze mask onto the mouth and nose, because, it very effectual safeguards the mucociliary clearance of the respiratory ways from any cooling, drying up and dust contents like the Northern type of nasal aerodynamics. However, the Southern type of nasal aerodynamics heightens danger of infection by SARS, as, it too much weakens the mucociliary clearance.

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